hello and welcome to my website!

august 2008

what purpose does such a personal website serve? mostly it is a kind of playground for me to learn how website programming works, and it is a handy tool to share impressions, ideas, pictures, travel experiences and other thoughts with an international community. maybe that's what i like most about it. so it helps keeping in touch with friends and family or even just people that crossed my way somehow.

after so much questions i recently have added some pictures showing our dam cool son jonathan, who is already 18 months old now :-)

november 2005

just came back from a short but very fascinating trip to east africa. spending some time in zanzibar and later in tanzania. during the trip we spent about a week on safari in the serengeti and other nationalparks and it was absolutely marvellous :-) ! to give you an impression i choose some of my favourite photos we took, you can find them at hannovk.de/pictures.

may 2004

since i have started daily work at the beginnig of this year I did not do much more than some minor changes to these pages. somehow my free time gets less and less these days :-). The main purpose of this site is to keep in touch with friends and family that are not around the corner, and all these people (gustbook) you meet when travelling (eg. ghana, westafrica, argentina). a website offers fantastic opportunities to share pictures or other stuff in a simple and comfortable way. i do my best to have approval from the people who's pictures are shown, but in case you do not agree with a picture on this site please accept my apologies and contact me so it can be corrected instantly.

have fun browsing around!


october 2003

to keep myself away from studying i have installed a new guestbook on my site, it offers a lot of nice features (smilies, search function, wordfilters, different languages, etc) and it also is very easy to maintain. so feel free to have a look and write any kind of comment :-) !

"Diving Is Life, The Rest Is Just A Surface Interval"

it is just so beautiful to be under water, even if it is "only" the baltic sea. to get an impression have a look at my little underwater picture gallery. it still is kind of under construction, but already working :-)

i just finished to build my own powerful and bright but long lasting and cheap dive light, and because it worked out quite well and was a lot of fun i have created a little page with a short description and some pictures. (but it's in german)

recently I have added some pictures of the "maitreffen" that took place in hamburg this year and was organized very well by rina and klaus.

since end of january i am back from argentina, where i spent a beautiful and fascinating half year. you can get an impression of the work in the hospital, of the lifely and incredible huge city of buenos aires or of some other areas i had the opportunity to visit while travelling through this beautiful country. now while i am back in cold and grey germany i really miss the sound of the spanish language, the warm weather, the beautieful women you see everyday, the awsome nature with the delicious argentinian fruits and steaks, but the most i miss the friendly and openhearted people. especially one of them :-)

now and up to october i will stay here in luebeck, finishing my thesis and preparing myself for the final exam in late autum. not particulary very exciting :-(. but at least luebeck is close to the sea!

lately i have put some pictures on the von koschitzky families website, you find them at www.voko.org

and what else can you find on my pages now?

recently i found one of the first versions of my website and uploaded it again. it looks quite different compared to now.

there are some interesting or funny things in the miscellaneous section, if you have a look do not miss the little flash games you can play directly there on the page. then you can find a lot of more pictures from luebeck (where i studied the last six years) and various trips in the pictures section. in the download area i do temporarily store a more or less random collection of little tools or stuff i find interesting.

and if you want to send me a nice and friendly message or just tell me about all this type errors you found feel free to use my mail form direcly here on the page or simply write an email to me@hannovk.de.

have fun browsing around and tell me in my guestbook if you liked it!



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hanno von koschitzky, may 2004