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a quite random number of things I found worth keeping here, my personal favourite is the teletubbie-shooter :-)



here you can see one of my favourite jamiri - cartoons. he is the cartoonists who is creating the last page of the magazine "unicum". See his website as well: www.jamiri.com "Herzlich willkommen beim Reisedialogsystem der Deutschen Bahn"
Ein unglaublich komisches Telefonat mit kleinen Verständigungsproblemen.
direkt anhören
(2.17 min, Größe etwa 330kb, dauert einen Moment, bis es vollständig geladen ist...) Alternativ: download mp3-Datei hier.

Ein paar links zum Thema Statistik und SPSS

Wie kann ich lästige Zeilenumbrüche aus einem Text (der z.B. aus einer eMail stammt) entfernen? Hier findest Du die ultimative Anleitung dafür.


you can download the whole game zipped here

you did always like these extremely funny and extremely cute little teletubbies? here you can get rid of all your aggressions and kill them as much as you like :-)

shoot the singer
, the easiest game on the net.
these are three quite nice shooter games written in flash, just click on the picture on the right to play.
you can download all three of them here.
blasteroids, a well designed and addictive game [496kb] a tiny but lovely spaceshooter from brazilian programmer [56kb] a-blast, blast your way through the alien armada [412kb]

Some little and useful tools:


hp-vee runtimefiles
size: 6.07MB

runtimefiles to make hp-vee 5.0 programs run on your computer
iridium worldtime
size: 112kb
a tiny little program that needs no installation and shows the time in each part of the world. you can set it easily to show in the tastkbar in addition to your local time the time of the region of your choice.
size: 2.01MB

this little german freeware windows utility needs no installation and allows you to rename a large number of files in a very comfortable and easy way. just drag and drop your files (eg pictures from digicam) define the new name (eg. title plus up counting numbers) and press the ok button. very useful!
from www.lab1.de

size: 224kb
the best process-viewer for windows 98/me. it shows all running processes, even the hidden ones that are invisible in the windows task manager and gives you the opportunity to stop any application of your choice.
size: 2.61MB
a nice shareware program to learn proper 10 finger typing

the tobacco free initiative (tfi)

is a WHO cabinet project created to focus international attention, resources and action on the global tobacco pandemic that kills four million people a year today.
every tobacco death is preventable.