A 180° panoramaview of the Catholic Hospital Area,
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Ghana 2001

Here you can see some pictures I took while working in Ghana from February to May this year. Most oft the time I spent in the Central Region in a village called Breman-Asikuma doing an elective period in the Catholic Mission Hospital with 120 beds (but some more patients) that is the only hospital around especially for the quite poor people from the rural areas. At the moment three doctors beeing on duty 24 hours every day are taking care for more than 1500 deliveries a year, doing a few hundred major and some more minor surgical procedures a year and seeing often between 200 and 300 patients a day in the Out Patient Department.

I spent some time in each department and must say the work was very, very interesting and it is absolutely amazing how much medical treatmen is possible under such limited conditions. Especially the Doctors have to be 20 Doctors in one person, treating every kind of patient from newborn to old having any kind of disease you can imagine. And still they took their time to teach me a lot.

pictures of the hospital, the Doctors and some things around Asikuma


other pictures

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