recent pictures

  an overview of more recent pictures you'll find here  


  A short but very fascinating trip to zanzibar and tanzania in november 2005  


in july we met on a hot and sunny day for the "tour de licorne" and had a lot of fun :-)
(see pictures on one single page here: small pictures (1,1MB) or large pictures (3,5MB)


  you can find a few pictures i recently took here in luebeck in my new tiny picture archive. but i am still working on it...  
on a nice summerday the maitreffen 2003 took place in hamburg


pictures from argentina, where i lived six months working in an hospital in buenos aires

travelling with steffi in mexico, guatemala and belize this spring (page 1, 2, 3)

another one of our fabulous "maitreffen" in lüneburg


travelling westafrica for seven weeks summer 2001
pictures of the fabulous kingstreet shared flat
Stefan and me in our laboratory
housewarming cocktailparty
in maria and kai's new flat
a few pictures taken here in luebeck with some friends at the river wakenitz
for the "maitreffen" organized by heike and marius we had a nice sailing trip last year
an elective period in a catholic mission hospital in a rural area in ghana spring 2001




pictures of the fabulous kingstreet shared flat
heike in her lab torturing innocent martin and me for her scietific experiments



before 2000

pictures of my friends from lueneburg and from luebeck you can get here



hanno von koschitzky, november 2005