argentina 2002

argentinian flag


from july 2002 up to the end of january i stayed in buenos aires the fascinating and beautiful capital of argentina (see map). Working in different hospitals here I completed the second half of the internship ("Praktisches Jahr") as a medical student in the final year.

and i loved it!

at first my bad spanish was quite a problem. but slowly with the help of my restless and patient spanish teacher patricio i learned more and more to understand this softly and differently pronounced argentinian spanish.
more and more i started to love this incredible friendly and kind way of beeing, the delicious food, the beautiful, endless and thin populated country with landscapes in all kind of climate as well as the multicultural million city buenos aires. staying here you get the impression this lifely city never sleeps.
my spanish teacher pato
in front of the hospital

after completing the first four months in the department of internal medicine in the hospital cemic (official website. see pictures from my first months, and from my last months) on the left you can see a little picture showing me at my last day infront of one of the cemic buildings in saavedra, buenos aires capital federal.

most of the time i lived with a lovely guestfamily in a beautiful house in acasuso, a nice living area close to the rio de la plata about an hour away from the city center of buenos aires.

later i moved to a room directly in the citycenter close to the hospital in an appartment that i was sharing with another student. now i saved every day more than two hours of busride and i got the opportunity to get some insights what the life of an argentinian student is all about. and i have to tell it's pretty much the same way like we do live and study on the other side of the world.

my second hospital was the "hospital de clinicas" the famous and huge teaching hospital of the buenos aires university. you can find some few pictures from that place, too. it is just a five minute walk away from my new home and i enjoy living in the lively center of this impressive and multicultural city.
my new hospital
here are some picture series from my time in the capital as well as from some short trips I made through the different parts of the country. have a look a the map to get an overview
some pictures from the first weeks here argentina, most of then here in buenos aires where i will stay until january
and pictures from the daily work in the hospital cemic, buenos aires, in which i am doing 4 months of the intership as a medical student in the final year
some more pictures from the internship in the hospital cemic. and from the healthpost san fernando, where i had the opportunity to go to together with the residents of the department of family medicine
here you find some pictures taken on a weekend at the oceanside in carilo, about 4 hour drive in the south of buenos aires, not far from mar del plata
spanning over more than two km the cataratas del iguazu (waterfalls of iguazu) are one of the continent's most breathtaking sights. while visiting one extended weekend steffi and i were fascinated by these spectacular waterfalls surrounded by all this beautiful tropical rainforest.
the peninsula valdez in patagonia is one of south america's finest wildlife reserves, offering a unique scenery and a rich fauna including whales that come close to the coast to breed in spring.    
a short trip to the provinces salta and jujuy in the beautiful, hot and dry north of argentina.

pictures from my second trip to the penisula valdez in november


here in buenos aires in november

some pictures from the hospital de clinicas, the teaching hospital of the university of buenos aires. here I completed two months of the internship in the department of ear nose throat

hanno von koschitzky, april 2003