Welcome and thanks for visiting my site! There is not too much to see so far, but at least the number of pictures seems to grow slowly. My name is Hanno von Koschitzky and I am living and working in Luebeck, a beautiful small town in Northern Germany. Since 2 years I am working as a resident in the pediatric surgery department of teaching hospital of the university of luebeck, and even though it is a VERY time consuming thing to do I enjoy it alot to have the opportunity to work in this very special medical field.

In September I will become 31 years old, so make sure to send many and valuable presents at September 26th :-). Some of my favourite recreational activities are scubadiving (most of the dives with Trygve and/or Stefan) and travelling. To get an impression you might like to have a look at my pictures section. And as you might notice I am quite interested in photographie as well electronic communication with all its fascinating aspects and endless possibilities.




contact information

I will be very happy about a nice message from you, just use my mailform here on this website or send a normal email to: me@hannovk.de

As well you can try my phone in Luebeck 0451-9308568

hanno von koschitzky, 11'2005